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PPTC - Pixel Perfect Talent Card, unable generate template in PDF

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Hi Experts,

Hope your aware about the

Recently we had a customer request: to design and print a CV containing the Background elements of an employee with Company Logo and Photo.

Using Employee Profile, PPTC, and BIRT, we were able to create a custom-sized card, small enough to fit in an employee’s top pocket or attached to a lanyard

by referring to this blog was almost able to get hold of PPTC ( but BIRT is something which never came across, still figured how to create a basic level of template without any placeholders.

Issue :

1. Unable to export the template in PDF (Refer to above provided blog was able to till 9th step, but unable to download the template

2, How to map the place holder for Photo and employee background elements to BIRT template

If you have come across this error or if you how to map the fields, Kindly do the needful.

Thank you

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