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Position Holder relationship not delimited when termination from Employee Central


Hello experts, I'm working for a client where they have BIB replication in place. Whenever they are terminating an Employee from Employee Central and when the replication happens in SAP ERP the default position "9999999" is filled for the EE's IT0001 but the position that the employee used to be as a holder is not delimited.

The traditional PA-OM configuration of SAP ERP is in place, in fact when we terminate employees using PA40 this functionality works perfectly. Client also has configured a "T" to exlude terminated employee status in the V_ECPAO_QRY_CFG table.

Appreciate any help on this. Any idea how this table should be configured or anywhere else this should be configured?


Juan Zorrilla.

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Hi juanfelipe82193,

same issue at my end, have you found final solution?

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Hello Belinda, it seems that it was not an issue at all, rather we were not looking and fixing the Organization Assignment replication issues present in SLG1 using Object PAOC_SFI_OM.

We needed to take a look at these errors in order to allow the Org Assignment replication to modify the relationships between IT0001 of employee and Position holder relationship.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Juan,

Organizational objects can be delimited by filtering the inactive records of departments, divisions…, so they do not arrive to the SAP on premise. We need to create a filter on status for ‘A’ active records. Otherwise inactive time slices are transferred to the back end and processed as active time slices.

So please check the OM replication configuration (Integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central > Business Integration Builder > Organizational Data Integration > Define Filters for Organizational Object Replication) that filters are added there or not

Check the below documentation for more details: -

Configuring Filters for Organizational Data Replication | SAP Help Portal




Hello Rashi, thanks for your reply. I'm looking at that IMG config step and I see that it is already set up to filter only "Active" Positions as per image below.

The issue we are facing is when any employee is terminated in EC the replication of the Employee Data correctly adds default position 9999999 on IT0001 but the previous position's holder relationship is not delimited and also vacant position infotype is not changed to open as well.

Thanks for your help.