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PM form and Salary Form

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This will be our first year integrating ratings from the PM form to the salary forms in Compensation. I've read the SAP's best practice is to have the PM form in the completion step before launching salary forms. Has anyone launched salary form without have the PM in the completion step? If yes, was there any impact with having the salary form and PM form open in parallel?

We will be using Calibration to finalize the ratings, but wanted to know what the potential risk is if we don't move the PM form to completion before launching salary forms.

Thank you in advance! Appreciate any information and experiences!

- Annie

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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It is certainly possible to have the PM form in a non-completed state as you describe. I would say that the majority of clients actually have this scenario. There are a couple things to consider:

1) Decide how the system should behave when ratings change. If a planner has awarded an increase based on one rating that is changed during calibration - what should happen to the planner recommendation? Should it be overwriten with the default?

2) A limitation is that the PM form needs to be created before the Compensation form. This behaviour cannot be modified. Something to consider about new joiners.

That being said, you should have no issues.