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Permission Question - I want my admin to add users and cannot

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I have a person who I want to take over adding new users. I have provided all of the permissions for adding users and when she tries to create the new user, she gets an message that she does not have permissions to do so. Is there a backend permission that our SAP administrator needs to change?

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They need all the Users: * permissions, but if you are assigning a specific role to these users, the person must also have Administrate role permissions on the role itself - this may be what they are lacking (esp. if they are not an Administrator - although even that is not a foregone conclusion with (new) roles). You can test this by getting them to add a new user but with no roles. If that works then they have all the correct admin permissions and are just missing the role permissions. So go to Administration > Roles, find/select the Role, click the Permissions button at the bottom, and make sure they have Administrate role permissions on that role.