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parent-child MDF portlet with MDF alert rules only checking first portlet entry/fields

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Good evening:

I have created a parent-child MDF portlet with his respective Alert rules:

these alerts work, but i am experiencing an issue that i could check in the rule log trace:

Retrieved 'cust_Documentacion.cust_Documentos_child'. Value: 'collection with 6 entries: [3875 (3875), 3876 (3876), 3877 (3877), 3878 (3878), 3879 (3879), 3880 (3880)]'. Duration: 35 microseconds.

The rule recognises that there are 6 entries in the custom portlet, but it is just comparing the first one with the rules and forgetting about the rest

it is like only attacks to the first entry but ignores the rest of the "add documentacion" entries

Do you know a way to make the rules check every register/entry in the portlet and not only the first one? Should i create the MDF portlet differently?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear agali,

I would suggest you to change a bit your If condition as per below:

  1. Change the first If to "not equal to" and select "Null"
  2. Add the Where condition to say "Document is equal to "Carné de Conducir D"
  3. Add the same where condition to the other ifs.

I hope this helps!

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Karen Perez

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Adrian, I have the same issue, I have one parent/child portlet, I will need to send alerts 28 days before every expired date for each child. I created the MDF trigger alert rule associate to the child object in post save rule level. I don´t know if you solved this inconsistency to trigger all child alerts. Could you please give me more information about the solution you found it, if you really solve this issue? Thanks, Katy