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Sap insiders on customer site would like to build long lasting relationship with sap knowledge.

Sap have a variety of contents, different by region, different way to pay it, not centralized, certification is complex and recognition is not garanteed.

in order to sell the development initiative, we need a clear 2-3 years roadmap on where sap is going to

« Sell » the need for training and benefits for companies.

Current situation is that is take 2 years in average to get a in person training for cloud solutions if end user follows his company policy, sap training slot availability, etc.

Companies are not making blank training checks : they carefully review training before approving.

If sap knows the math, in 3 years we will be in 2026, close to 2027.

If today’s SAP community member have no clear view

Where to find learning content

What quality of content they will get

When they will be able to train

Who they can train

They will simply no train themself.

So the effort to make to turn training more attractive, is less on the platform name (trainin, open, learninghub,micro learning) than the ease of access and the clarity of the information.

Training slots should be available long in advance to give a chance to be filled.

If i ve missed a roadmap communicated by email by training team, please have my appology.

But i have not seen anything so far

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