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Onboarding Story Reporting - Task Reporting

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Dear all,

I am trying to create a story report for ONB 2.0 showing which Legal Entity assigns how many Buddies on average to Onboardees.

Unfortunately I cannot combine fields like Legal Entity or Department etc (neither from Job Info nor from Job Req) with Onboarding Tasks.

Do you have hint how I can combine these data or create such report?

Thanks and BR


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Hi @maseitner,

Not sure if you still need an answer, but sharing some ideas here, in case they might help. 😊 The solution is fully dependent on your data model and configured fields, of course.

As data source, from Query Designer, you should start from 'Process' object:

  • link Process Trigger > Application > Referrals > Job Requisition; from Job Requisition, you can select Legal Entity as column; of course, this is only useful if the Legal Entity does not change after initiating the Onboarding.


  • link 'Buddy Task' (you can find it under 'Onboarding' > 'Onboarding Tasks') and 'User'. From the 'User' Object, you should be able to select 'Location' or maybe 'Division'.

In case you have Legal Entity in your UDF, you can also:

  • from  'User', further link 'User Custom Fields'.

Best of luck,


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Hi Alex, thanks a lot for your comment. I will try it.