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Notify recruiter on new job application in SuccessFactors

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I am looking for help on how to notify recruiter on new job applications received on job requisitions in SuccessFactors. Currently, there is an highlight with system field New set to New but as soon as we open the application then highlight will disappear on candidate summary list page.

I have tried below options but with no success.

1) Had an idea of resetting the system field New to New based on application in recruiting rules but I can't see the field in job application even after adding it on mdf object Recruiting User Personalisation Object Configuration.

2) Thought of adding an MDF Alert on recruiting rule on save application but again this option is also not available.

3) Tried to check Recruiting email trigger (Application Updated By Candidate but it doesn't include initial apply), Edit applicant status configuration but not much success.

Is there any way we can trigger notification/alert to recruiter that there is a new application on requisition? Your help is very much appreciated.



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Hi Sarika

You could add a notification to the recruiter in the applicant status config/pipeline. Please note that doing this would send the recruiter an email every time a new applicant applies.

You could also look at reporting graphs through ORD or Report Stories that shows you what Reqs have applicants sitting at New Application/Default right now.

I am not really sure why you would want to send the Recruiter an email every time someone applies onto a req.

Good Luck