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New Learning Experience SFSF 2H2023

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We are reviewing the new features of the new LMS view. We have seen that links such as quick links (to access user reports, external training request and the custom links that we use so much), links to the instructor area and the supervisor area no longer appear. On the other hand, the Learning History does not appear and you can not access the library if you have not previously searched for something. The "Sponsored" section does not appear either.

Do you know if this is something temporary until the new release is settled or is something that will be maintained even when the new release is released to production environments?



Hi Roger,

yes, this is a real bummer. We were really disappointed in this.

They communicated this and the timeline last week on a webinar just 2 days before the release. All functions you mention will be available with in 2H2024 (learning histroy for example) release and universal will be 1H2025. So i guess this will be the time to have all functions and be ready to make the full communication and tranistion.


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I agree with Jan and Mike's comments. Without the features we use today, there is no point in adding a second interface to the system. I wonder if anyone other than those who minimally use the LMS will actually turn it on.

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Yes, these features are not going to be ready under the 2024 releases. It is a shame because the new design looks good, but without the missing pieces, we cannot release it. We are going to be hiding the entire thing from users because we do not want to confuse the users and the help desk support team trying to figure out what design they are using.

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yes it is disappointing that these features are not available with the new ILX. Another one is non-'required' items not appearing at all and the learner having a message that they are up to date when they actually are not.

The expectation is that users will toggle backwards and forwards between the legacy and new environments.

Apart from the look I am not sure what would be the benefit in leaving it turned on right now.