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Nested Parent Child object association in custom MDF

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Hi All,

We have a requirement to where client wants to create Job information portlet using custom MDF (non-EC client). Client wants to maintain current position as well as historical position. However, for each position object we want to have the capability to add multiple "Key Achievements and Values" and multiple "Detailed Tasks and Assignments".

Note : Please refer to attached PPT for better understanding of requirement

We created a parent object Position and created one-to-many association ( type =composite) with child objects (Key Achievements and Values, Detailed Tasks and Assignments)

Challenge :- We are able to create data for current position but we are not able to add data for previous positions. For this to happen we will require to create another parent of Position object with one-to-many association with position object but system isn't allowing Nested Parent-child association.

Is there any way to achieve Nested Parent-child association (creating parent of parent object) using custom MDF ?

Current Status – We are able to create position object as Parent and have one to many association with Key achievement and values, Detailed tasks and assignments child objects. However, we aren’t able to establish parent of parent association wherein the entire block (Position , Associated key achievement and values, Detailed tasks and assignments Could repeat)

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