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Multiple lines in story report for compensation

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Hi community members

I am creating 1 story report to provide what are the payments in Recurring pay components for an employee for last 2 year for "medical" pay component only.

I started with Job info (time filter as of date) and join Compensation table. I can see the following outcome

Person ID ExternalPay Component (comp)Effective Start Date (Compensation)Effective End Date (Compensation)Amount
2Medical Insurance Ded1-Sep-2330-Sep-23-17
2Medical Insurance Ded1-Oct-2321-Jan-24-24
2Medical Insurance Ded22-Jan-2423-Jan-24-24
2Medical Insurance Ded24-Jan-2431-Dec-99-28

Now functionlly, amount "-24" is in comp from 1 oct to 23 Jan 2024 so there should be 1 record. System is showing 2 records because something else is change in comp table but we want to bring comp records Only if the amount is changed. SO how can i achieve the following outcome 



 Earliest start date and latest end date should come if amount is continued.

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