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Manager missing features in My Team since 1H2023

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Hi all,

Since 1H2023, our team noticed that managers have lost several features using My Team in LMS.
While viewing an employee's learning plan (my team), managers have lost the following actions:

  • Register
  • Withdraw Registration
  • View Registration
  • Item View Details

Some of these actions are available through the library or using the manager's links but we feel that managers have lost important features.

We could not find any information in SAP's 1H2023 release notes or in the community, so we opened a ticket with SAP. They recently answered, ''the missing features will not longer be available from now on'' No explanations or KBAs.

We just started using SF LMS about a year ago, we feel that we somehow we missed the SAP's communication about the features being deprecated. Where is it available, in the roadmap? Release notes? Or we just have to guess every time a product version comes out?

Can any one confirm that these features are missing on there side? Was this a surprise for anyone else?

Best regards,


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Hi Kevin,
thanks for your posting. Our managers also are missing these features and we got no information about the changes. Also it is not possible anymore to click on the item title as manager to get more information about the course.

Hope SAP will fix this soon.

Regards Guido

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Thanks for your feedback Guido.