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Manager Can Edit Goal Name

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We've recently upgraded to the Latest Goal Management in a Preview Environment. It appears that a manager cannot add a goal for an employee, but the manager can Edit the Goal Name field. It does not appear any other fields can be edited. We'd prefer managers not have the ability to edit an employee's goals. Is there a way in Permissions to prevent the Edit functionality for managers?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check if below permission is given in XML ,this is used to create the goal

<permission for="create">

<description><![CDATA[Write description here]]></description>



For your next question Manager should not be able to edit fields please ensure below permission is not given to Manager

<field-permission type="write">

<description><![CDATA[Write permission to fields ]]></description>

<role-name><![CDATA[EM]]></role-name> : you should remove this

<field refid="name"/>

<field refid="metric"/>


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