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LMS: Default Document Link attached to a scheduled Class based on Doc Link in parent Item?

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I am a system admin and trainer in SAP SuccessFactors Learning and am trying to find a way for a Document Link (DL) to be added by default to a class without manually adding it to each class or copying a prior class. Is this possible?

Context: We wish to automatically include a DL pointing to a PowerPoint presentation housed in SharePoint to every class scheduled under a specific Item. This would economize class preparation and management for Instructors, and would assist with version control of the presentation. I understand the basics of creating and adding a DL at the Item or Class level. The problem is that a DL added to an Item does not carry down to the Class, so the only options I can currently identify are manually adding the DL each time an admin schedules a Class for that particular Item, copying an existing Class that had the DL attached, or training instructors to locate the Item Details every time they wish to access the PPT.  We would prefer to avoid this simply because of language barriers in the company; meaning, it would be much simpler to instruct how to add a document link once at the Item level and how to access it from the Instructor "My Classes" dashboard in the module.

And as a related question, is there a way to limit who can view the Document Link once it's added to a class? In other words, is there a place for class materials that are intangible but should not be accessed by the Learners?

Please let me know if you need more information about what I'm asking. I know a included a lot in there.

Thank you!

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