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Limit entries in F4 for column TaskLevel in CAT2 Timesheet Management

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Hello Everyone,

i need help in time sheet management from HR functionals or ABAPers on below issue.

My requirement is to Limit the number of entries displaying on performing F4help on column TaskLevel(CATSD-TASKLEVEL) based on value available in column TaskType(CATSD-TASKTYPE) and PersonNumber(PERNR) in CAT2 transaction.

eg.. Suppose my person number is 2 and i am about to fill time sheet in CAT2, when i put TaskType = BIL(billable) and i do F4 on column TaskLevel, the entries that displays should come filtered based on my PersonNumber and the TaskType i select like if there are in total 100 entries in system for TaskLevel and for Task Type BIL(billable) out of those 100 there are 50 assigned so further these 50 entries should also filter based on my personNumber like suppose my personNumber should only allows me to select only 3-4 out of those 50 entries as they are assigned to my personNumber for BIL TaskType.

I am unaware of how to get this functionality,

i believe there must be some configuration that we can maintain in system>SPRO. from HR functional side.

from ABAP side i can go with the approach to implement a badi and maintain custom table to maintain relations and write logic in badi implementation or exit.. but i am not aware of badi/exit also.

any functional if can help me on how to maintain this configuration.

Sharing ScrenShot of CAT2 transaction > HR_time

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