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Job Profile Builder Questions

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Hello! We are beginning to look into implementing Job Profile Builder into our company and have a few questions.

We already have competencies and job codes mapped to each role, and each role is within their correct job families for performance reviews and for EC usage. As we look into implementing the rest of the job profile we have the following questions:

  • Can Certifications, Interview questions, Education, etc. be mapped to particular roles, or does it have to go to the whole job family? How does that work with the templates? If we can map certain roles to a specific job role, but not every role in a family that uses the same template will have data input there will it be blank?
  • Can templates be linked to particular roles instead of an entire job family?
  • If we do not have recruiting and onboarding SF modules, do we still have access to utilizing the features for interview questions/pulling data for job postings externally?

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