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Issue with Two Custom MDF associations in Employee Central SuccessFactors

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Dear EC Experts,

I have created 2 independent custom MDF's in the instance.

1. Contrcat

2. Contract - Positions

Maintained association under Contract - Positions as followed cust_contract Valid when on "Contract" object.

I am able to create a value under contract and contract - positions. Also, I am updating association under contract - positions to contract ibject. Please find the below screenshots for your reference.


Contract - Positions

I have created test values under contract object as Dutch and Test. Again I have created similar values as Dutch, Dutch1 and Test, Test1 and Test2 under Contract - Positions.

But When I select as Dutch under contract object, I should see only Dutch values which are maintained under contract - positions but I can see all dutch and test values which is wrong.

Could you please guide or advice me how to rectify the above issue.

Feel free to ask me if you dont understand my explanation.



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Answers (1)

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I'm guessing its just a picklist? Wouldn't you want to have 2 different picklists then (1 being the parent and the other the child picklist)? Keep in mind that on field level of the object contract - positions may also need a filtering criteria to ensure it filters based on the parent picklist.

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It is not a picklist and I have created those values manually in the system.