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issue with prorating variable pay

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In the company we have a variable pay program in which the payment of the "bonus" is made based on the rating that comes from the performance module, however there are cases in which some employees are only part of the program - plan by half of the duration of the program, then the calculation of the bonus is made based on the salary of the employee at the date he / she stopped being part of the program, without apportioning for the number of days. Then I would like to know if it is possible that I can perform the calculation of the bonus in variable remuneration, avoiding the apportionment by assignment.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi katyrobles

We would need a few more examples in this particular business cases but we can do a lot in Variable Pay including the 2 most common situations:

  1. We can use the salary of each assignment eligible for the program to calculate a payout per assignment and in case the employee was only eligible for half of the year or from different disconnected parts of the year we can use the salary of the last assignment to calculate the bonus payout.
  2. We can use the salary as of 12/31 of the fiscal year to calculate payout for the entire fiscal year.

All the best