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Issue with Navigating to SuccessFactors Emplyee Profile via Fiori Launchpad

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We have a Fiori Launchpad running on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Within this launchpad, we've configured several tiles to navigate users to specific blocks within the employee liveprofile in SuccessFactors. To achieve this, we're utilizing the following URL pattern: `/sf/liveprofile?company=<CompanyID>&loginMethod=SSO#mobileViewBlock/00000123/block802`.

When the user is already logged in to SuccessFactors, the URL works perfectly, and the navigation takes them to the desired block. However, we're facing an issue when a user who hasn't logged in before clicks the tile. In this scenario, the user is redirected to the Single Sign-On (SSO) login page. After completing the SSO login, the user lands on the liveprofile, but not on the intended `mobileViewBlock` of `block802`.

Thanks for your Help!

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