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Is there anyone successfully using SF Onboarding Compliance Forms I-9 and Tax forms?

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Hi all,

A customer has the requirement to use SF standard Compliance Forms such as I-9.

While we had this requirement 1 year ago and I had the Compliance Forms somewhat working, the need disappeared only to come back now. The configuration was since then turned off, and I am still unable to re-enable.

I am met with error after error after error.

I am curious if anyone is happily using this functionality?
What S-User did you use for the Print Form Service functionality, since any password reset for an S-user will throw a wrench in the whole compliance process?



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Hi Sem, my Company has been using this successfully for almost 2 years. We were previously using an active employees S-User ID but the PFS started to error out when the employee became inactive so as of now, we have a shell record created which we know will never be terminated and we requested an S-User for that record instead. I have not experienced the issue you are experiencing now but I will suggest you do the following to see if it helps.

  1. Run the ODATA API Metadata Refresh and export in admin center > click on Clear odata and cache/refresh
  2. In provisioning, go to manage scheduled jobs and Run the BizX Daily Rule Job
  3. Wait for about 20 minutes and try enabling the I-9 feature in Compliance Settings.

If this doesn't work, please raise a ticket to SAP, thanks.