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Initiate Onboarding Error Message for Onboarding 2.0 While Using Onboarding 1.0

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We are currently using Onboarding 1.0. We have not yet begun any configuration for Onboarding 2.0.

A recruiter tried to Initiate Onboarding and received an error message that reads “We were unable to initiate onboarding process (2.0) because the values for the following fields are missing or not mapped: [Start Date – (not mapped), Hiring Manager, (not mapped), Company – (not mapped)]”

However, we are using Onboarding 1.0, not 2.0. No issues with any other requisitions, the same recruiter has hired on other requisitions as well with no issue.

Any idea why we're getting a 2.0 error message? And does candidate need to be hired manually or is there another workaround?

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