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In Enable now, how can I get the timing of mouse and text appearing on the screens in sequence?

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I am creating a demo and simulation (practice mode) in Enable Now. I have recorded steps as well as added images and book pages. I am having issues with the audio not playing the same time as the steps are being demonstrated.

I would like the end user to be able to watch the steps and listen to the audio at the same time.

Currently it is playing the audio (text to speech), then the steps (mouse) clicks are displaying and then the text or bubbles appear. Nothing is in sequence.

Is this possible in Enable Now to have the learner watch the demo while the audio is explaining at the same time?

Or is there a work around or some way I can make this timing or sequence more efficient?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Vee,

I suspect that the misalignment that you mention is occurring because of one of a few things:

1. The message bubble is displayed and audio started immediately after a step is loaded. The mouse does not show you the step until some period following this, which is defined in the Display Duration field in the Demo Bubble section of properties.
It is possible to delay the audio by the same time as the mouse pointer using SSML tags, assuming that you are using Google Text to Speech voices, or by inserting a manual silence prior to the generated audio for the corresponding step. If you are using Google Text to Speech voices to generate the audio, using the <break time="4000ms"/> tag to delay the start of the audio by 4 seconds, you will need to adjust that number to align with the actual display duration that you are using with your Simulations
If you are not using Google Text to Speech voices, generate the audio using a Microsoft voice and then manually insert the silence in front of the audio.

2. You have multiple actions / explanations in a single Step. If you are using audio, you should only using one action / explanation per Step. This way you have the ability to align the audio with the visual content.

Hope this helps.