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I have an ILT with online content that will not close.

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My ILT with online content has an articulate video and two pdf files and will not close. I have two other courses just like it with a smaller participant group and they close without an issue. I marked the attendance, added the histories, and closed the course but the participants are still showing the course in their learning tile. I even edit their histories manually and they still do not close for the participants. Any suggestions on what could be causing this issue?

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Answers (2)

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Hi lieber,

I have seen a similar situation. Please confirm the retraining period in all curricula for the impacted users. If there was a short retraining period mistakenly set for the item, this could be the cause.

For example, the retraining period is set to 30 days. The item will reappear 30 days from the historical completion and automatically reappear on the user's learning plan.

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Hi Jacqueline,

2 ideas:

Once I had a similar experience to yours until I realized that what the users saw on their learning plan was actually not the course anymore, but the feedback for the course.

In another case the course did not really get completed, because I accidentally set to survey to "required for completion". Due to this setting the course was only set to "completed" after the users finished the course. Might that be the reason?

Brgds., Uwe