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HRSFI_ONB_HIRE - Show Fields Authorization

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Dear all,

I have question around the authorization to Show Fields in HRSFI_ONB_HIRE Workbench. Not sure what's the best way to control it, so that the show fields can be viewed on auth based. Currently it's been visible to anyone who has access to this tcode, but some data are sensitive and don't want to be seen by clicking Show Fields, which will show all the data received from Onboarding - Successfactors.

Activated the BADI - Auth Check

The problem with above BADI is, it's doing Auth Check on PPOME - Show Fields, however it doesn't on HRSFI_ONB_HIRE.

Auth Check is being done here:

But I want the Auth Check to be happening here:

Can this be achieved in any other ways?

Appreciate your time and support!

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