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How to use lookup table in plans under pipeline

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How to add lookup table in my incentive rule in plans section? I'm already having lookup table created under compensation elements but don't know how to link it with incentive rule in plan.

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Hi Linda,

If I am understanding you correctly, you would like to fetch data from a lookup table into an incentive rule. Once we consider take into consideration the following questions, one of the below Function Examples can be used in the lookup table.

If I have not addressed your question, please provide more details.

1) What type of lookup table will I need (single or multi-dimension table)?
2) What elements will I be using in the lookup table?
3) Will I use a Variable for the lookup table?

Function Examples - In the below examples the lookup table has the following dimensions (Product and Rate Codes)

IR Lookup Table Detail w/out a Variable Example
LT_Legacy_RateCard_Multipliers ( Period.End Date , Product Name , Rate Code)

IR Lookup Table Detail w/a Variable Example

LTV_Product_Level_RateCard_Mulitipliers ( Period.End Date , Product Name , Rate Code)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi, Nidhi,

It depends entirely on what the Lookup Table is doing. Basically, you can insert a lookup table in place of any numeric value. For example, if the LT returns a bonus amount, you would insert it into the field that should return the bonus amount in the rule instead of hard coding a value or fixed value.

On a side note, It's a good idea to create a formula to evaluate the lookup table, and insert the formula instead of the LT itself. I hope that helps.