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How to reset or change the rule of SF default system-generated password

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Dear there,

We have an issue recently so really need some guides done here.

We used to have a rule or configuration of default system-generated password for new hires (somthing like the new hires's birthday.. ) so new hires can use their birthday as default intial password to login Successfactors first ti

But, recently,as required by our IT departement, we made changes on the password & login policy in Successfactors, to the user login password must contains letter, number and special charcaters etc. As a result, seems the default system-genearted password for new hires, all become in-valid (it contains only number...) so new hires can NOT login to Successfactors with the system-generated password any more...

We have no idea where in the admin page to reset or change the rule of system-genearated password, or how to reset or change the rule for system-generated password...

It will be greated appreciated if some experts can give some help or hints here on this issue. Thanks a lot.

Btw, we do NOT use welcome email to new hires. It is just a rule in our user guide says the default password for new hires is new users' birthday... It used to work fine, now become in-valid...

Great thanks.


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Hello wuyh123,

Please refer below SAP Notes.

2931642 - SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central: Default Password Generation

2932190 - Changes to Default Password Generation in BizX Users


Neeraj Jain

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Dear Neeraj,

Great thanks for the guide. While taking time to digest this notes, may we simply have a question on the system-generated password process?

We noticed that it mentions random system-generated password, understood. But in fact, we don't use email in SF so no email welcome message containing default system-genearated password is sent to new hires.

We used to have a process or method that can generate the system default password as new hires's birthday thus we can have this mentioned in our Self-Help guide for new hires. But now we are forced to change the policy to add letter and special chars in the default system-generated password. Is there a admin page or menu in SF so we can re-configure or change the rule of system-genearted password, not using the random password?

Great thanks in advance.

Br, - Zhao