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How to get around not being able to print learning activities in 2024?

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Hi fellow SAP HCM PMGM/CDP interested members,

I'm looking for support in mitigating the functionality gap of being not being able to print Learning Activities as part of Development Plans in 2024. 

For those responsible for the Performance & Goal Planning updates, I understand that we are all preparing for a Universal Push of the new Unified Goals in H2, with an Opt-Out option in H1. However we were also informed Job Profile Builder is a pre-requisite, otherwise we won't be able to Opt-Out. 

Due to the lack of functionality with development plans and JPB pre-requisite to opt-out, I'm struggling with mitigating the negative impact that is being pushed in 2024. I want to protect the employee experience for staff that aren't at laptops all day to get this printing functionality built by SAP, however printing learning activities seems to be a technical capacity issue. 

Outside of the below, is there anything else we can do to help address the issues that unified goals will cause? 

  • Created a Customer Improvement Request however only have 4 votes and need to get to 20+ votes to be considered seriously Improvement Request Details - Customer Influence ( 
  • Shared the feedback with our implementation consultant and customer support, however it's more a product/technical issue that's outside of their scope 
  • Posting to the community in hopes it will get more visibility/votes or have mitigating options (i.e are people creating manager reports to get to learning actions?)

Thanks for any additional insight/tips!

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals 

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Hello! If you were able to consider configuring the Learning Activities tab (against development goals section) within your performance form, they Learning Activities do display when printing a performance form. This suggestion doesn't help if you are mid cycle, but could be something your partner could assist in configuring in your next cycle's form. Hope that helps give a potential workaround whilst the Latest Goals UI does not support printing for learning activities.