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How to filter job requisitions in Story Reports by operator

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we are experimenting with Story Reports for Recruiting. We want to provide Recruiters with a Story Report that provides them with data regarding the job requisition that they are responsible for as the main recruiter (not the team).

Story Reports for Recruiting by default provide always all job requisitions where the user is assigned as any operator and even those where the user is just part of the operator team.

I am not seeing any possibility to apply filters, ideally directly in the query, so that the report would just query job requisitions where the user running the report is assigned as the recruiter operator (not the team, not any other operator or team). I tried to build workarounds with calculated columsn, input parameters, whatsoever, but there seems to be no real solution that works without the user running the report having to enter some data and by that giving the possibilty to run the report in an unintended way

Am I overlooking something or is this simply (and that would be unfortunate for the move to Story Reports) a functional gap?


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