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How do you read SAP SuccessFactors business rules into UI5 card via odata API?

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I've been scouring the API documentation trying to see if this is achievable with no success so far, so hoping someone has a solution/ the documentation.

I am trying to implement within SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone a number of transactional UI cards that allow an employee to submit data changes such as a change in working hours directly into SF.

However, imagine there are some business rules on that sort of submission related to specific dates that we don't allow people to submit a change in working hours.

Sure, the upsert request fails with an error but the requirement is to stop people from even submitting by getting the business rules on the front-end and limiting the date picker / warning them before submission.

Is there any way to grab these rules from SF? Or am I stuck with dual maintenance.

Many thanks,

Nathan Hand

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