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How do you properly report on global assignees or concurrent employments?

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Dear all,

I have already searched within the community for articles on this subject on global assignments and concurrent employment and also found some, but these were not related to reporting. Unfortunately, my search for relevant articles in relation to reports has not been very successful so far. That's why I'm trying it this way now.

Current: Reporting does not work for global assignees or concurrent employments. When creating a report (ad-hoc or advanced), some data point will be empty within the report, although within the system (in Employee Profile) itself, the data is available. In reports, only the user’s home profile (which should be paused during a international assignment) and primary profile will have data.

Aim: Reporting works as it should in all situations – when the profile contains data, the report reflects those data accurately.

Thanks for your support and best regards


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Well assuming you don't have a dedicated field for it, you'd need to leverage the secondary assignment feature and the global assignment table in SuccessFactors to capture that as correctly as possible.
There are some examples available, i.e. GA: 2550241 - Report on Global Assignment Fields ( & CE: 2436222 - How to create a report showing users Concurrent Employment in Advanced Reporting (