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How do you ensure quality in Performance, compensation, variable pay?

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Hi everyone!

The following is a question about forms (performance, compensations, variable pay).

The recommended process is to copy the template from the past year and manually adjust the configuration for the new year. However, since this is a manual process, every year we run into issues due to human errors. We do have procedures but typos happen...

How do you deal with this? have you found ways to transport or automate the copy process?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi idupuisi

Unfortunately with the exception of lookup tables there is no sync tool yet for Compensation or Variable Pay templates that would allow us to migrate the whole XML of a template from the Dev environment to Prod (or vice versa) by the click of a button.

From Prod to Dev the best way to reduce potential human errors is in my view to request a refresh of the whole Dev environment from Prod which I believe can be done once or twice a year.

From Dev to Prod the most efficient way is most likely to reduce chances of human errors is to export the XML (which can be done from Plan Setup > Download form template) from one environment then load it into the new environment after editing the performance rating-id (they are most of the time different in every environment) then loading all the business goals and bonus plans if it's a variable pay template. It's pretty straightforward for Compensation but a little bit more complicated for Variable Pay.

All the best


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To facilitate rolling over your template from the previous year and adjust the settings for a new year, you can:

  • Use effective-dated new records in your eligibility rules according to your fiscal year start and end dates; that way, you do not even need to change your rule mapping when rolling over while keeping version tracking in the same eligibility (business) rule.
  • To facilitate the migration of Compensation and Variable pay hard-coded parameters, you can separate properties from functionality, centralizing all your updateable parameters in a single lookup table (e.g. "20XX_General_Properties"): one input (propertyName), one output (propertyValue). All values in lookup tables are stored as strings, so you convert the contents to the required data type using conversion functions wrapping the lookups in your formulas. You should store there all the values you update when rolling over templates. Having all updateable properties centralized makes it easier to validate the migration.
  • The old 'maker+checker' and bullet-point checklists are also helpful.
  • If available, don't hesitate to perform migration dry runs in lower/test environments to train and reinforce the process.