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How can I tell where a Dynamic Group is being used?

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I am working on a request to remove a user from a CC email for an SF EC workflow.

- The user is part of a (Workflow) Dynamic Group; I can remove them from the group, but before I do that, I'd like to see if that group is associated with any other workflows, whether as a CC or approver/contributor.

- I've manually looked through the workflows and I don't see the Dynamic Group anywhere else, but I am worried that I might be missing something. Is there a systematic way to find all of the workflows which a dynamic group is assigned to? Thank you!

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Couple of places I suppose, the main one being workflows (as Manage Workflow Groups actually brings you to a bunch of dynamic groups surprisingly).
Tiles are also a common thing to use it for and if you use the recruitment module, there are some use cases there (but they really depend on your setup).
If you want to be sure if it's used in your workflows, you can run a couple of reports on that (as I believe the tables are kind of split for stuff like CC role and approvers).