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Homepage banner sizing with 1H 2024 release


Has anyone noticed a change in their banners on the homepage since the new release in preview?

Our banner used to display entirely with rounded edges but now it seems to be stretched out across the screen and we can no longer see the corners of the banner.  I noticed that it's the entire homepage that seems to be zoomed in.

Is this a known issue?


Thank you!


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We're testing in our staging instance and I'm seeing the same. Different resolution sizes on monitors are throwing off the alignment of the new customizable banners.
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Hello everyone,

sadly it seems like the change was intentional.

See KBA 3471157 - [1H 2024] Home Page Banner Styling does not have Rounded Edges after the Release - SAP for...

In my opinion, the image under 2H 2023 did fit better into the whole homepage style, than the stretched out one. Would be nice, if we had the option to chose wich style we want to use.