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Get crossportlet business rule work in a custom MDF portlet in add new hire UI

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Good evening,

I am experiencing this issue where i set up a business rule in an MDF custom object, in configure object definition transaction. The intention is to try to detect if the hire date of an employee is after the expiration date of a driving license, if so, then an error message should appear stating that the driving license is expired (as its date is before the hire date, sounds logical but the client required this error message). The issue here is that this business rule is only triggering in the custom portlet on save and it is because the employee already exists and has a person id. Unfortunately the client wants this business rule to be triggered in the add new employee transaction. Therefore i proceed to do it but then, having established a rule log beforehand, i notice that the rule is trying to trigger but it doesn't detect an existing user/person id in the add new hire, in the same rule log we can see that it takes the first name of the employee followed by a NO_USERxshdhdx (a random array of letters and numbers). This happens i guess because a crossportlet business rule in an MDF object navigates to other objects (as job info or employment details) through the external code as it is set up as an USER type field, but due to the fact that the employee is not an user yet, is not detecting them.

To sum up, after all this long explanation, i want a crossportlet business rule to Work in an custom mdf portlet (job info-custom portlet) in add nee employee UI

Any ideas? Is this possible to be achieved at least in a tricky way?

Kind regards

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