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Forward Propagation for Mass Change tool?

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i have two questions related to mass changes in Job Info

Firstly, if i activate in permission Roles "Import Forward Propagation" happens what it is described in this KBA,

2160734 - Forward Propagation of Job Information or Compensation Information Data (, to sum it up, it only changes the fields that are equal in the previos and next register between the new job info register inserted, which is not what we need, we need to update the Time Profile field from every single register as of the new register inserted so on, without stopping nor checking if the field was equal in the previous register, just make the change we are telling the system to do, is there a way to do this?

2- Can we activate some sort of Forward Propagation, not for Imports but using Mass Changes tool?


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Aren't you basically already implying that the mass data management feature cannot accommodate what you need? Integration center may be of more use for this as you can use the from date and end date tile filtering to ensure you select the current record + future dated records and by mapping the right value to the desired fields you can then change multiple records for an employee (if there are future ones).