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Fiori Leave Approval - Email Reminder

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We are in the process of implementing Fiori Leave Approval with My Inbox2.0. I am using WS12300111.

Business has a requirement to send E-mail reminders after 3 and 7 days if the line manager has not approved the request.

I have already implemented deadline monitoring to handle the escalation to the next line manager if the request is not approved after 14 days:

The problem I have now is that I already used the modeled action for the escalation after 14 days (with Latest End) and SAP does not allow you to create another modeled action using something like latest start, to allow you to something like a send mail activity.

How do I then send an e-mail reminder? I do not want to send another reminder to their SAP Inbox or use a push notification. They specifically want an e-mail reminder to be sent.

Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂

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