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Find the LMS item completion certificate URL for Custom report in PRD

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to add the URL of the item completion certificate to one of my custom reports. The Data dictionary did not give me any columns that could bring in this URL. I have tried using the tables PA_CERTIFICATE_CONTENT, PA_CERTIFICATE_RESOURCE, and PA_CERTIFICATE_TEMPLATE.

The LMS OData API reference guide, Section 2.11 user/userlearning-service/v1 Metadata, shows that it could bring in the certificateLink, and a user can click on it to see their certificate of completion and print it.

I was wondering if the same is possible within a custom report. Bring in the certificate URL as a new column alongside the user and item details. Please let me know if this is possible.

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is there any field available to bring training completion certificate URL from LMS data dictionary?

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