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Fill Account Owner (PaymentInformation) with the Name of the Employee on New Hire


Dear experts,

with the new release we are facing an issue: In the new hire process, the account owner of payment information doesn't get filled with first and last name automatically.

According to SAP this is expected behavior, but before the release 2H2023 it was possible to fill the account owner with an onSave rule. Now, that doesn't work anymore and the field gets filled with "null null".

What we already tried, but doesn't work:

  1. Creating an onSave rule (on Payment Information and on Payment Information Detail) but the outcome is always "null null"
  2. Creating an onChange rule on the Field "currency", or "paymentMethod" (Same result. Account Owner gets filled with "null null".

  3. We created an Integration in Integration Center and added it to Intelligent Service "Employee Hire". This works for New Hires with effective date for today. But for Hires with effective Date in the future, this doesn't work

Do you have an Idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks and best regards

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Hi Martin!

This topic seems very interesting - have you been able to solve the problem in the meantime?


Hi Simon,

thanks for your kind reply. Unfortunately not yet. I'll keep you updated.