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Existing NationalID is deleted and new entry is created. Possible options to track

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An employee having a valid entry for National Id portlet (of any country).

Now employee in case of cross country transfer scenarios is trying to remove the existing national id entry and instead trying to enter new national id which is more relevant.

Is there a check / validation that can be made and controlled saying the existing national id entry should not be removed (though it is primary / optional) how ever a new national id entry of new country can be created still?

This will help in scenarios of employees getting benefits in old country by keeping the national id even though employees are moved to another country.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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You could have a warning message by default, but that would then be there in every situation (so perhaps less ideal). You could also consider removing the option to delete, as there should not be a valid one in the first place for an employee. Either way, if there's a workflow, the recipient (often HR), should always be able to catch such things. In my knowledge there unfortunately is no ondelete kind of logic here (with MDF we have more flexibility there).