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Error when generating pdf in SEN

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We are unable to generate a PDF document:

  • Happens for all simulations
  • Happens for all document types
  • This is a RECENT issue… within the past month. Could be that we did have a Microsoft update?

While SEN is “thinking” about generating the file, I get this:


Once I shut everything down, then I get “Save this File” see below….

It pushes me outside of the program and wants me to save to my computer.

We do not believe that this is a general timeout failure.

Any information on how to resolve would be appreciated.

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Answers (1)

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If it's been in the past month it is almost certainly down to changes in your environment, not changes to SAP Enable Now, as that hasn't changed since the January Hotfix.

Can you generate Word documents (not PDFs)? I am going to guess not, which would then point the issue squarely at Word. (When you print to PDF it generates as Word then saves to PDF.)

Can you generate the PowerPoint Presentation? If not, it is your Office implementation (as noted previously, SEN will not work with the cloud version of office 365...).

Can you generate the HTML version? If so, it's definitely a Word or Office issue.

Check with your IT people - find out if they upgraded office, or put in some additional security measures (maybe around what can save documents to where...).