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Error: 'Payroll area not found in T549A. IT0001 Error' in ECPAO_EE_ORG_REPL_QUERY program

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Hi Experts,

I have hired new employees in SuccessFactors EC with Payroll area 'A1' maintained in Compensation information portlet. All the Org objects are replicated to ECC Successfully using Org Object Replication Query Program SFIOM_QRY_ORG_OBJ.

When i replicate employee master data for new hires using the program ECPAO_EE_ORG_REPL_QUERY the query run is successful, But in SLG1 log i get Error 'Payroll area is not found in T549A. Info type 0001 Error'. Note, the payroll area is already configured in T549A, and i am able to hire employee directly in ECC with the same payroll area 'A1'.

Also note, I have no issues in replicating existing employee belonging to the same payroll area, and the issue is for the New Hires Only.

Please guide what i have been missing out. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks




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