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Error Message in SAP SF on Job Application in Salutation Field

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I have a question regarding Job Application and there is an error message that occurs whenever the applicant is choosing their Salutation (please refer to graphic), the issue is consistent across all applications and

Attempt to reset Field Change Rules- no changes


errorId=d48a58aa-732b-492e-bbad-65f3e8bf53d0, fingerprint=bc8e57e0256b45d389959559f9151d6062bc31e9, timestamp=2023-05-30T09:28:36.044+0200, errorMessage=An application error occurred. Please try again later, or notify support (with the error information of errorID=d48a58aa-732b-492e-bbad-65f3e8bf53d0, timestamp=2023-05-30T09:28:36.044+0200, and the version information from the current screen) if the issue keeps occurring.

Please advise, thank you!

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