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Error_Finalizing treatment

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Good morning,

I have a problem when I'm going to save a simulation into a server or when I try finalizing treatment it, because, it shows an error with a demo.mp4 (firts I have done an mp4, but after I deleted it).

I attach the screenshot

Someone knows how can I do to fix the problem?

Judy Guerrero

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Answers (2)

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Did you only delete the mp4-file on file level?

Please make sure that those created outputs are deleted directly from the project explorer (right click and select "Delete").

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So the error message says it can't access the file. How did you delete it? By going into the file system and deleting it from there? If so, right-click on the simulation and select Refresh Object. Then try again. If not, try using menu option Workarea > Generate all Content and make sure Update files for library is selected.