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Enable Now Producer - Generate Video (un-selected Use Screen-Capture checkbox)

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I was previously able to Generate Video based on a recorded simulation with Presets. Now the preview doesn't load and won't generate video unless I un-check the Use Screen-Capture (Faster) checkbox. Then the preview displays and the video will generate. But it is definitely taking longer than previously. This example is estimated to take almost 4 hours to generate, whereas previously it was 10-20 minutes. Any suggestions on what to troubleshoot? I am using cloud-version and accessing Manager from Google Chrome.

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Hi Candice, I am also experiencing the same issue that you have. Did you manage to sort out your problem?

If so, please advise what you did to correct the problem.


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Hi Candace,

I've just generated a video - with the User Screen-Capture (Faster) - checkbox ticked in less than 2 minutes using the same settings that you show in the image; only a slightly smaller screen resolution. The Simulation has 25 steps.

If this is taking 4 hrs, my guess is that one of the following is causing the issue:

1. You Simulation has a lot of steps
2. You have a tonne of audio in the Simulation
3. You are very low on hard drive storage space
4. You have very little free PC memory, i.e. you are running a lot of applications

Something is causing this process to run slow and it's not happening on my machine so I doubt it's the functionality or CODEC. Is it happening for all other Simulations or just this one?