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Employee view permission list is empty

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Hello SuccessFactors Experts,

I tried to view my profile, but there is an error "You do not have permission to view this profile.",

Then I went to manage permission role -> Employee Views, and then I found another error "assertion failed: permission list is empty while giving permission to employee view"

then I did a research and found out Similar problems in other objects and according to the notes the problem maybe in the data model, I downloaded the succession data model, and found an error "Node: succession-data-model Error: element name not defined in DTD"

I tried to validate the data model using the DTD locally and the error were removed, but when I tried to upload it the problem wasn't solved, and i downloaded the data model again and it changed to the link again, so does anyone have an idea why the employee list is empty?

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Hi there,

I know it's a bit late of an answer, but for people accessing this looking for an answer, I had pretty much this exact same problem and the solution was pretty simple -> You just need to access People Profile and select the standard template (or choose from a blank profile). After doing this, when accessing permission roles, you will be able to normally manage Employee Views and also normally access user profiles.

Got this information from the SAP Note below:

Best regards,

Luís Torres

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Hello mohamed-tawheed,

Please refer below SAP Note.

2569876 - Assertion Failed: permission list is empty - Manage Foundation Objects Type

Confirm if it's works for you.


Neeraj Jain

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Normally when I get something like that, it could be that ORD for some reason got disconnected, which causes the permission role to be confused as you were permissioned. I however cannot see in your case if that is the problem too.