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Employee subgroup change after Caution: Wage type model changes on specified date

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I have created a new Subgroup and PSgroup, and the user has run the org reassignment. The new subgroup has been updated in PA30 master data.

Now, when I try to enter Info Type 8 (Basic Salary), the system gives me a warning about the wage type model change and then executes the relevant wage types. However, it reverts to the old subgroup at the same time.

Note that the new subgroup has been updated in LGMST, V_503_ALL, V_T510, and V_503_G.

Does anyone have any idea why the wage type model in Info Type 8 is changing back to the old subgroup?

Please note that no error is given, and the salary is saved successfully, but with the old subgroup in Info Type 8.

Thank you for your assistance.

Screenshot of before wagetype warning and after warning subgroup change is attached. 






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