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Employee Status not syncing from EP to EC

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Hello Peers,

We have a scenario may be I can use some independent views on.

We have some employees who are terminated using an event reason that had an config error and kept employees Active even after transaction is completed.

We resolved that error and changed the config in Termination reason where we specified employee status as terminated so it solves for future termination actions.

However, for the ones that are terminated in between have Active status in EC so we uploaded a basic import and marked them Inactive in EP. This should have synced their EC status to Inactive as well.

However, It did not. Could you recommend how we can make sure that employee status in EC is synced with that in EP?



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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the response. Your inputs helped a lot.

We have resolved this issue. Appreciate it.

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Job info syncs to EP (user data file), not the other way around unfortunately.
Assuming the status of the event reason is now correct any new changes should indeed set the employee to inactive on the actual day the employee becomes inactive (as that is usually a future date).
If it's incorrect in the job info, you may want to update that (could even be done with integration center if you prefer not to import), which then syncs it to the user data file if the employee is already terminated (else it will do it on the day of termination via the HRIS sync). If it's just the active status in the user data file, you could again do that via import, integration center or potentially even a FULL HRIS sync.