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EC Payroll -Correcting the Alerts during Payroll run

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Hi All,

We are using Employee central Payroll with PCC and during the "Monitoring" step, I have noticed that there are a few Alerts that can be corrected by updating employee master data in Employee Central.

Now, these changes have to be sent to payroll system so that these alerts can be put into resolved status.

However, the system is not allowing me to replicate the master data from EC to ECP.

The issue is: "Payroll area Z1 in correction phase; employee xxxxxxx (3523/00000000) is not replicated"

I will come to know about the issues only during the Monitoring phase (Simulate payroll runs not actual) and I need to correct these issues before I run the Productive payroll run process in PCC.

I am aware that during correction plhasee, I can make changes in PA30, but I want the changes to be done in Employee central and replicate the changes to ECP.

Kindly advice

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Hi Hari,

When the control record is in released for correction replication won't (as standard) automatically replicate changes.

"The options to replicate master data changes during the correction phase are the following:

  • Using the Employee Central Data Replication Monitor: Payroll administrators decide to include the payroll-specific changes into the next replication process by going to the Data Replication Monitor and selecting Send Data. By doing so, payroll-specific data changes are replicated in the given correction phase.

  • Using the ONGO switch in the Employee Central Payroll system: Payroll administrators decide to set the replication process to be allowed anyway by activating the switch ONGO. For more information, refer to Switches for Employee Central Payroll ."

For reference see below help doc:

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Our segregation of duties mean that only the HR admin team can make corrections to master data, which then will go through replication again- so there is a communication line between HR admin and payroll when this has to be done.