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Does the Weight of Competencies In a Performance Template has decimals or is it rounded?


In our performance template, the overall split comes down to 50% Goals and 50% Competencies. We have role specific competencies assigned, and each role has 6 competencies. We have not assigned specific weights to the competencies in "Families and Roles". Is the weight of each competency with Decimals or a round number? In other words, is the weight of each competency 16.67% (100% divided by 6) or 17% (rounded)?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi daniel.llaverias

Please check the following KBAs that explain in detail how the system calculates ratings:

2078768 - Understanding How Scores use Rounding; Scale Adjustments; Normalizations; Decimal Places -...

2642965 - Rating Calculations in Performance Forms - Performance Management - SAP for Me

Hoping this information be useful to you.