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Does anyone use the SAP Interview Scheduling feature?

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Hi All,

My team has been working to run a test with some select recruiters using the SAP Success Factors interview scheduler, however, we've found a number of limitations to the tool that aren't going to be fixed any time soon.

Is anyone currently using the tool in their organization, and if so, are you having success with it? I'm looking for some use cases and workarounds to bring back to my team if possible.


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Hey there, I have been implementing recruiting for clients for about 10 years. While I like the idea of Interview Scheduling, unless you have the Outlook Integration, I don't turn it on.

I do have a few clever ideas of using calendly though. There are a few things that can be done so that you can let candidates schedule their own interview. You just have to train hiring managers/interviewers to protect time on their calendar OR set up windows of availability that are always true in calendly.